# Mastertoaster Recordings is dead for a long  while. As we stated recently things have changed a lot in the cyberspace, but why should we give it up now? Let´s say since social network are almost an extension of  internet browsers around the world it´s not easy to get some attention. So what´s the sense of releasing your music for free out there when there are also millions of sites offering free legal music? Well, if it has sense it´s you who have to judge. At the end this is our place and means a lot to us, and hopefully will be forever. We will be back soon to bring you new bloody exciting music releases. Stay tuned!

We want to thank all the people who collaborated with us and all the pople that supported us since 2005 here. However the blog will remain as the links to the releases from so we invite you to check our old releases and also the check our links where you can discover free music online. Thank you for listening and your interest.

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