Thanks to all our artists for their friendship and helping us to make this project bigger and better donating/sharing their works:
Caflax, Kippelboy, J6, El Quinteto Cucuzza, Strand, The Beard Foundation, Trocotombix, Nebur, Matavacas, Sethh, Javier Diez Ena, Strand, Primital, Xedh, Why go?, Oxygenfad, Mixturizer, Monkey Hole, Hybrid, The Mitch Bukkake Last Tango (RIP), Mender Banah, Foamshanks, Worrg, Ben Aitali, Jardin de la Croix, Muhmood, Tinnitia, 13 Bleed Promises, Savium, DOK, Nahrayan (RIP), Ciudadano Zero and Funkilljazz.

We want to show also gratitude for their support to Creative Commons team, Nooirax Producciones, Dead Capo, Zoogoo, Hybakusha, Dj Hidraulico and Medialab, Az Rotator, Afraid to speak in public for their music and frienship, RONF Records, Zan Hoffman,, 5Mix Colors, Autopsy Protocol, Porktamer, Sons of Bronson, Ashbrg and Hamster Loco, Hyperpotamus, Bet and Juan Crek, On1maraz, Punk & Manetti, Dadaist Audio, Darisbo and Antena (Brazil), Max, N0age, Retrigger, Simon and the crew,,,, Free Albums Galore and Oddio Overplay for sharing always good music and to you if you are reading this now.

We want to thank also to other commercial labels Skin Graft Records, Anti, Dr Jim, Edge Tone Records, Amplitude, Neurot Recordings, Asphodel, Tzadik, Bar None records, SKiN GRAFT Records, Holy Roar Records, Three One G, Alternative Tentacles, Tzadik, Monotreme Records, Ipecac, Mimicry Records, Relapse Records, Warp Records, Sonore, Cuneiform, Del Fi among others for still being alive releasing all that good music in these uncertain times. We wish a long life to them as well to any commercial label and netlabels and people who believe in good music.
Support free and commercial music, we are all in this!

Al Da Tosta